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Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team play an important role in the life of our school. The four team members, head girl and deputy head girl, head boy and deputy head boy, have varied responsibilities and represent our school exceptionally well throughout the year. They give generously of their time and relish the opportunity to show visitors around our wonderful school, of which they are very proud!


Our Junior Leadership Team work in close partnership with our elected class representatives from every class across the school. It is important that all pupils have a voice and are listened to and our JLT meet with class team reps regularly to seek pupil views on current matters. They meet with senior staff to initiate positive change and help drive school improvement. We are very proud of their imagination, creativity and problem solving approach which, together with their growing leadership skills is simply fabulous!

Our Latest Project...

Becoming a Healthier School 


Congratulation to our winning designers! 


Thank you to everyone that entered the Junior Leadership Team's competition to design a new vegetable patch. All of the entries were fantastic and it was a tough decision to choose our winners.  However, here are the results below! 


Ideas from all of your designs will be used by the JLT to create the new area. 

JLT have decided the area will be called:  

‘The Sanctuary’ 

It will include a range of growing areas for plants and vegetables, sensory equipment, bug houses, benches and lots more.  They can’t wait to get started! 


Phase 3 Winners

1st Place!

Thank you for including a way to look after our environment with your recycling section, this is really important and we will consider this in our plan. It is a super idea to include images of what we are growing and you have thought really carefully about the materials to use in the design and different zones. Thank you for your hard work, well done!

2nd Place!

Congratulations for creating such a super design.  We are going to incorporate sensory plants like lavender into our plan. What a great idea to include a seating area with shade. Thank you superstar!

3rd Place!

Thank you for your design! We think your choice of vegetables is great and we will definitely be including a seating area, thank you for your ideas, well done!

Phase 2 Winners

1st Place!

Congratulations! We have chosen your name 'The Sanctuary' for our new area! We love your idea to include vines and flowers which will attract wildlife.  Stepping stones will be so much fun to play on, well done! 

2nd Place!

It is a super idea to include bug houses, thank you for thinking about including wildlife into our design. A fantastic overall scheme, well done. 

3rd Place!

We loved your colour scheme and your idea with the school logo. What a great design, well done! 

4th Place!

We love your signs for the vegetables, these will be so important to identify what we have grown. And what a great choice of vegetables, we can’t wait to plant some pumpkins, thank you for your ideas! Well done. 

Below: the current Phase 3 quiet area that will be revamped into 'The Sanctuary'. 

Recent Projects...



Plastic Free School Status

Considering the impact single-use plastic has on our environment, JLT have taken action and have gained ‘Plastic Free School’ status!  We support the charity ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ ( and have made changes across school to help our environment. The JLT's work has included:

  • Changing water bottles used across school from single-use plastic to durable re-useable bottles
  • Challenging our supplier of milk cartons and the use of plastic straws
  • Raising awareness of single-use plastic and its impact to a local MP during a school visit
  • Working closely with our ‘Change Makers’ lunchtime club to organise and conduct litter picks around the school grounds
  • Challenging families to creating a ‘single-use plastic free lunchbox’, encouraging swaps such as plastic food bags to re-useable containers
  • Switching our use of milk cartons to re-usable plastic cups 



Our JLT produce questionnaires and carry out audits of the school to assess the recycling systems we have in place. They are considering how we can have a further impact on our worldwide community by recycling more paper and plastic. To date, they have introduced 'Paper Prisons' in classrooms and introduced new recycling bins around school.