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Healthy Lunchbox Week!


Throughout the year we have Healthy Lunchbox Weeks in school. Children are able to receive a sticker every day for having a healthy lunchbox or for eating all of their hot lunch (or trying something new) within school.  Children from Reception to Year 6 can take part. 


So what makes a healthy balanced diet?

Take a look at the Eatwell Plate Guide to see what makes a healthy diet!



Fruit and Vegetables

We should eat a variety of fruit and vegetables every day – 5 if you can! These should make up over a third or what we eat every day.  Choose from fresh, frozen, tinned, dried or juiced options. Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies healthy.



Additionally, we need starchy carbohydrates in our diet, such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. This should make up just over a third of the foods we eat, and wholegrain varieties are better for us. Carbohydrates give us lots of energy and fuel our brains!


Dairy Products 

Dairy products are also important in moderation! Milk, cheese and yoghurts are an important source of proteins and calcium which are good for our bones. Try to go for lower fat products for these.



Beans, fish, eggs, meat and pulses are crucial to our diets. These are good sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. Try to eat less processed meat if possible.  Proteins are particularly good for growth and repair of our muscles and tissues.


Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

On this web page you will find some suggestions for healthy lunchboxes.  Please have a look!

You might want to have a go at one simple change in your lunch box. For example: a tub of salad might be the change you make! Here are some ideas: 

What would you put in your lunchbox?