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Here is a timetable that you may wish to follow at home, which is very similar to what we normally do in school.


8:45- 9:00 

Set up your learning space for the day.  Today you will need a pencil, your lined exercise book/paper and some coloured pencils/crayons. 




Fruit and Milk Time


Handwriting and Spelling practise

10:30- 10:45

Break Time

10:45- 11:00

Daily Speed Sound Lesson

11:00- 12:00




1:00 -2:00



Playful Learning


Team Celebration



True or False? 


5 + 8 is the same as 5 + 5 +3


How can you prove if this is true or false? What resources could you use? Please talk about your answer with your grown up. 


Now please watch the video below. This will help you with your learning today to find and make number bonds.

Now it's time to blow your teachers socks off, by taking the maths quiz below. 


Please click on the link and try your best to answer the questions. Don't forget to use real life objects to help you with your counting e.g. Lego. 



Please watch the video below and practise forming this letter, in your lined exercise log. Please write the lower case letter 5 times and the capital letter 5 times. 


Top Tip: Make sure you are sat ready to write. Are your feet on the floor? Are you sat up straight? Is the paper in front of you straight? Is your chair tucked under all the way if you are sat at a table? 

Spelling Practise


Today we are going to have a spelling test, using the words we have been practising this week .


Please click on the audio clip below to hear the words that you need to spell. To check your answers, please click on the document link below. 


Phonics  (Reading and Writing)

Please click on your child's colour phonics star below for todays learning. 


If you are unsure of which colour star your child should choose, please e-mail your child's class teacher or Miss Forrester ( for help. 

Daily Speed Sound Lesson 


Please click the link below. Once on the page please scroll down and find the video for your child's colour phonics group

Physical Education (P.E)

Today we are going to do P.E. with Joe Wicks. First, let's warm up and remind ourselves of the different jumps we learnt last week!

Can you name these jumps? They are a tuck jump, star jump and a half-turn.


Play some music and dance in your own way. When a grown up shouts out the name of a jump from above, can you complete the correct type of jump?

Now let's listen to Joe Wicks and find out what moves we are going to be doing today. Make sure you watch carefully to imitate his movements correctly and safely.

PE With Joe | Monday 11th Jan 2021

Did you notice Joe Wicks asking us to do any of the jumps we have learnt from above? Can you name the type of jump it was?

Playful Learning


This is time now for you to choose your own learning.


You might want to make links to your learning today and continue your P.E. skills. You might want to build with Lego, dance, role-play, draw, colour, bake or read a book. 


Be curious, ask questions and above all have fun! 

Team Celebration


Well done for completing your week of learning. Give yourself a firework! Whoosh! 


To celebrate let's all take part in the dance below together.