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Please click the link to the picture news section of the website and watch the assembly. 

All you need is a pen/pencil/crayon and your log and you will find out about this week’s news. 



What have you found out this week that you didn't know? How has it made you feel? Write in your logs or share on the blog.

Writing task. 


Yesterday, you wrote the first 4 verses of your poem for your memory book.  Today you are going to complete it.  Remember when you get to 8, the structure changes.  So your final verse will start:


But now I am 8, I’m as clever as clever  …


Check through your poem carefully and edit any spellings that you need to ready for publishing it in your memory book later. 





Learning Journey 


Today, you will complete your memory book. 


Page 5:  On this page you will publish, in your best handwriting, the poem about yourself that you have been working on this week. 


You might also want to add a hand print picture so you remember what your hands looked like or a self-portrait of you at 8. 


Congratulations you have completed your home learning challenges!


Happy holidays!  Have a great Summer.


Love from the Year 3 teachers x