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Complete lesson 4 Counting in tenths. 

Watch the teaching video first then complete the activities. 

Can you make links to other fractions you have already learnt about? 

Can you count in halves, thirds, fifths etc?


Do not forget your daily times table practice through Times Table Rockstars. The results will be posted today! Have the boys or the girls won? 




As you are probably spending more time online at the moment, we want to make sure you stay safe.

Read the information on the website below. (Just click on the different buttons).  Use the information to write some online safety rules. 


Using your words, phrases of hope from yesterday.

Can you create a poem to share with your team on your class blog? 


It could be an acrostic poem: 





or it could be a poem in verses with a repetitive phrase like we have taught you in class. 

You might even include rhyming words in your poem. 

Here are some ideas of repetitive phrases for you to use.. 


Hope is.. 

I can't wait to... 

When I look out my window..  


Remember these are just ideas so get creative and create your own amazing poetry! 


World War II 

Test your friends and your teacher

Write 3 questions for your friends and teacher to answer about World War 2 and put them onto your class blog.