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The Easter bunny has sent you some challenges this week! He will be watching to see if you are counting accurately and checking your answers!


Can you draw an Easter egg and decorate it with different patterns? Challenge: Can you make a repeating pattern, for example, red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow.


Please feel free to send a photograph to your class teacher! smiley








a hen in a red hat

a fox in a sun hat

a man in a top hat

a kid in a fun hat


Practise sounds and green words (hen, red, hat, fox, sun, man, top, kid, fun, a, in) Read the story using Fred Talk. Read the story using Fred Talk. Draw yourself in a hat of your choice and label it using simple 3 letter words.




Black Hat Bob (story book)

Black Hat Bob is on his ship.  This is his peg leg.  This is his pet hen.  This is his cash box.  This is Red Hat Rob.  “I will grab that cash box,” he said.  “Get off my ship!” said Black Hat Bob. “No.” said Red Hat Rob.  “I will not.”  “I will fix him,” said Black Hat Bob.  Biff biff. Gulp!  (The chest goes into a shark’s mouth at the end!)


I would like you to create a treasure map to find a surprise for your family.  You may label your map with some key features for example trees, water, a trap. quicksand.  Challenge yourself by writing some simple clues to find some treasure in your home. You could create props to be just like Black Hat Bob (telescope, eye patch a sword). 




Tim and Tom (story book)

Tim and Tom are twins. “Let’s swim!” said Tim. Tim and Tom swam and swam. “Let’s run on the sand!” said Tom. Tim and Tom ran and ran. “Let’s rest on the mat!” said Tim. “Stop that, Tom!” said Dad. “I am not Tom!” said Tim. “I am Tim!” “Tim has got my cap on!” said Tom.  


Tim and Tom’s favourite place to go is the beach. Can you draw and label your favourite place to go.


Please feel free to email your class teachers with pictures of your work. We love to see what you have been up to. Thank you!


Enjoy listening to our current leaning journey book.

Learning Journey 


Create a recycling poster to put up in your home or school. Why is it important to recycle? Where can we put the objects to be recycled?