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Reading and Grammar

Can you escape the classroom?


It is the end of term and you have accidentally left your coat in the classroom. You go back to collect it and hear a loud bang – the door has slammed shut and you are locked in! Can you solve the clues and puzzles to reveal the keypad code needed to open the door?


Task One

Open the document below named ‘Escape the Room Clues’. Have a look at clue number one and try to solve the puzzle to receive your first number.

Repeat and answer clue number 2-10.


Task Two

Once you have found your ten digit keypad code open the powerpoint called ‘Escape the Room Answers’. Go to ‘Reveal the Answer’ and see if you can escape.

Art and Design Challenge


Can you create a beautiful piece of artwork following the challenges below?



Think back over your last year in school. Can you remember your favourite memories? Was there a time you were really proud of yourself? Did you make new friends or achieve a goal? 


Try and think about your top four memories and record them on the ‘Rainbow Memories’ page below. You might want to draw pictures or write down your memories – remember to colour in or even cut each memory and create a collage of your own.  


Continue your booklet from yesterday. 


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