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Hi Year Six. It is 'Fun Friday', so we would like you to do one thing off our '100 things to do indoors' list. Perhaps you will have an upside down meals day, or make lollies out of cordial and water! Be sure to send us any photos to brighten up our day if you do something off the list!


Here is your work for today: 



Expected Standard Revision Guide

Topic: 3D shapes 

Complete p44 Questions 1-5


Higher Score Revision Guide

Topic: Place Value

Complete p6 Questions 1-5


Join your teachers in the Glastonbury Festival on TT Rockstars at 10:00am, or if you miss it, why not rock slam them? 




Expected Standard Revision Guide

Text: A midsummer's night dream  (fiction)

Complete p14 and 15 Questions 1-5


Higher Score Revision Guide

Text: Krishna Fights the Serpent King (fiction)

Complete p14 and 15 Questions 1-6




Expected Standard Revision Guide


Complete p55 Questions 1-2


Higher Score Revision Guide


Complete p49 Questions 1-3



WRITING CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK: Write a diary entry from the point of view of a Viking Raider (see Tuesday's star for more details)


LJ CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK: Watch the Easter Story and find an imaginative way to retell it (see Monday's star for more detail).