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Daily Speed Sound Practise 


Each day a new sound to practise will go live  at 9.30am on Ruth Miskin's youtube channel. How the sounds are taught in the videos is how we teach them in school. The video link for you to watch each day will be updated here before 10am. The videos will expire after 24hours. 


Please watch the video below that matches your child's phonics team. 


Red Team


Monday- f- down the flower, cross the stem

Tuesday- e- lift off the top and scoop out the egg

Wednesday- l- down the long leg

Thursday-h- down the horse to his hooves and over his back

Friday- r- down the robot and back up over his arm 


Green and Purple Teams


These are our focus sounds this week.


Monday- igh- fly high

Tuesday- ow- blow the snow

Wednesday- oo- poo at the zoo

Thursday-oo- look at a book 

Friday- ar- start the car

Pink and Yellow Team


These are our focus sounds this week.


Monday- ire- fire fire

Tuesday- ear- what can you hear

Wednesday- ure- sure its pure

Thursday-ea- goat in a boat (Set 3 Sounds restart)

Friday-oi- chew the stew