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Coronavirus Update

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Message form the Headteacher


Dear Parents and carers,

This is a particularly unusual and painful time for everyone, and in particular our children, families and staff who have found themselves adjusting to such an unexpected change in their lives. I know that you and your children will be feeling a range of emotions in such uncertain circumstances, and I want you to know that we are thinking of you all.


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who are working hard at home to support your children in these extremely challenging circumstances. I hope that they are enjoying the home learning activities that teachers have set; try and do these activities every day and remember that reading practise is really important. If you are not sure about something then email the class teacher or post on the class blog and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please do not worry unduly about academic progress whilst learning at home; all of our children are in the same boat and when they return to school, teachers will be able to address their needs from wherever they are.


We have added two new sections to our website which we hope that many families will enjoy; both are under the ‘Children’ tab. First of all ‘Worship at Home’ where you will find super links to a wide variety of activities including stories, videos and songs. I hope that many children will enjoy engaging with the wider Christian community in worship through these super resources. Secondly ‘Picture News’, something that your child is already familiar with. This is a great resource that we use every week in school; it encourages time to talk and sparks discussion and debate. Remember there are no right or wrong answers – just different thoughts, ideas and opinions!


In addition to home learning activities, now is also a great time for your child to focus on self –care. Does your child know how to make their bed by themselves? Do they know how to make their lunch? Do they know how to wash and dry up in the kitchen? Can they tie their shoe laces? These are valuable life skills that all children could have a go at and learn over the coming weeks.


As well as academic and practical life skills your child’s mental health is also very important.  How they feel during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they have done. To support them with this, it is very helpful for children to have structure and routine. A timetable or daily plan is a really good idea and I would urge to take a look at the suggestions in the section below.


Children will naturally be spending much more time online than they do usually. Please take time to check they they are doing this safely. Further information can be found below and in our ‘Children’ tab of this website.


Next week marks the start of our school Easter break and I would like to update you on arrangements for this time. From next week, you will find a variety of Easter activity suggestions in the ‘Easter Activities’ star on your child’s year group home learning page. These fun activities are, of course, optional but we hope you find them useful.


During the Easter break, teachers will not be available to respond to emails or approve posts for the class blog. However, they will be busy preparing work for the summer term and once school starts again on Monday 20th April, you will find a new set of home learning in each star on your child’s home learning page.


If you need health related advice or support during the Easter break, Susan Barratt, our school nurse will be available to support children and families. She can offer telephone advice and support for parents, emotional health and wellbeing support for children; please see further details in the ‘Coronavirus update’ section under the Parents tab on this website.


Finally, I would like to thank you once again for all of your support. Keeping your children safe is vitally important as we fight this pandemic together, and we cannot thank you enough for your continued efforts. We look forward to being in contact again straight after the Easter break on Monday 20th April.


With love, thanks, prayers and very best wishes,

Mrs Riley 

E-safety Guidance

  • Have regular conversations with your child about their online activities;
  • Make use of the wealth of online resources to stimulate those conversations and remind children of how they can keep themselves safe;
  • If you haven’t yet done so, consider setting up a home/family agreement relating to children’s online activities; 
  • Ensure parental controls are applied where appropriate – your Internet Service Provider (eg BT, Virgin Media, Sky) should provide parental controls;
  • Be aware that gaming devices and mobile phones can also access the internet;
  • There is further E-safety advice on the ‘Children’ tab of this website

Daily routine and timetable

  • Make is flexible and adaptable 
  • Make it suit your child's needs
  • Make it visual and adapt as necessary
  • Set some structure and routine, put in things you all enjoy and offer choices 
  • Think about some quiet times or independent reading
  • Think about your space and resources at home 
  • Keep to good bedtime routines, sleep is very important
  • Put in some daily physical activities 
  • Make sure you do as much movement as possible (check out Joe Wicks) 
  • If you can, go out and use the garden
  • Think about daily household tasks you can include such as cooking  
  • Make sure you put in plenty of fun and games 
  • Make sure your plan is achievable for your child, don’t plan too much
  • If some things don’t work out change it
  • Think about what your child needs – more or less structure, more or less instruction and direction, more free flow ?
  • You don’t want or need to create battles or issues at home. Use this time to invest in interests, hobbies and talents 
  • Use music and dance to keep physically active and entertained 
  • Think creatively about how you use technology and everyday household items 
  • Make sure you do get plenty of fresh air and exercise, best that you can… 
  • Enjoy reading - Just a little bit of daily reading can boost a child’s vocabulary, decoding and understanding of the text.10 minutes a day makes a huge difference. Fiction or fact books are both great

Online Lessons with Dudley Performing Arts - Summer Term 2020


Good news! If your child has music lessons in school with DPA teachers they can have online lessons at home whilst schools are closed due to Covid 19. The lessons will be taught by teachers and will be an opportunity for children to carry on learning and maintain weekly contact with a music teacher. 

The cost of these lessons for children at Christ Church Primary School will be the same as our regular termly cost of £30.00 for 10 lessons (this is a reduced cost as school subsidises the full cost)

You will need a minimum of a smart phone and wifi but you may be able to use laptops/tablets etc – it really depends on what you have available.


To get your lesson up and running simply email and state that you would like to register for online lessons. You will then be sent information about what to do next and lessons will start after the Easter break. Lessons will continue until school reopens.


Please see the letter below for further information.

Information about Free School Meals

From the 20th April 2020, we will be using the new Government approved Free School Meal Voucher Scheme.  This replaces the current system.   
Each week, parents /carers who's children are eligible for free school meals will receive a voucher worth £15 for each child who attends Christ Church Primary School. 


Vouchers will usually be sent as an ‘eCode’  via email to a parent/carer and you have the option of presenting the voucher either on your phone/tablet or as a paper copy at your chosen supermarket. We will run a weekly postal service for those parents who have requested a printed paper voucher.


Please note, this does not apply to Universal Free School Meals for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  

Please contact the school office for further information.