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Our school aims:

To promote Christian education of the highest quality and daily life in our school reflects our foundation, rooted in the Christian Gospel. 


To shape children to reach their full capacity within the eyes of God. We aim for all of our pupils and staff to ‘have life and have it to the full’, supporting every person to fulfil their potential and to flourish academically, socially, morally and spiritually.


To provide a safe, happy, and stimulating learning environment which everyone can be proud of and where adults and children are proud to be thus promoting good attendance.


To be a 'community of enquiry' where all learn from each other, with each other and on behalf of each other.


To provide a range of opportunities and learning experiences through a highly innovative, motivating curriculum which fosters creativity and imagination and maximises the individual's true potential. We aim to enable all pupils to grow academically and spiritually, secure high achievement and be challenged as well as harness developing technologies to this purpose ensuring our children are confident to use these safely.


To promote confidence and enthusiasm in all aspects of school life.


To foster positive relationships, to engender a Christian ethos with our values of kindness, respect, truth and forgiveness evident in our actions, enabling our community to flourish together.


To promote high standards of teaching and learning and to expect the highest levels of achievement for everyone.


To nurture an awareness of society and everyone's rights and responsibilities and to develop, in all members of our school community, the ability to make wise choices.


To encourage self discipline, resilience and an enjoyment of learning. To help our children to become independent learners with lively, enquiring minds.


To be a community that works together towards our shared goals with vision and commitment, nurturing children and adults who are lifelong, powerful learners.


We believe that every child is entitled to attend a successful school and that it is much more rewarding for adults to work in  a successful school.


Our School Motto


Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!