Our Curriculum

We are conscious of the need to have high expectations; our curriculum is cross referenced to national subject levels and age expectations. Every lesson is a literacy lesson with planned reading and writing activities as integral parts of the learning sequence. Some P.E is taught discreetly and some as part of the ‘learning journey’ where it naturally links.

(please see examples of our ‘learning journey’ termly information sheets for parents and the learning journey text overview to get a real idea of what this learning looks like)

  • Boy Showing Arts & Crafts
  • Boy & Girl Reading
  • Boy Writing in Class
  • Teaching Class with Whiteboard

How we Organise the Curriculum

Mathematics and Science

We teach maths and science, key knowledge and skills, as separate subjects. All of our children have a maths lesson every day. Opportunities to use and apply maths in real life contexts are planned into the rest of the curriculum.

Science, from year one onwards, is taught in three day blocks so that our children can really ‘get their teeth into’ the areas of science being studied and can engage in many practical investigations.

Our Learning Journey Curriculum

Every four weeks our children begin a new ‘learning journey’. Every ‘learning journey’ begins with a wonderful book. These books are carefully chosen to engage and motivate, to inspire and challenge; to widen horizons and bring experiences to our children they would not otherwise have and to introduce them to the music of wonderful language. The books cover a wide a range of authors, genres, periods in which they are written and set and social contexts.

Diaries, Story Telling & Journals

Once the daily maths lesson is finished ‘learning journey’ time begins and flows through the day! Carefully and thoroughly planned learning sequences ensure continuity and progression so that all subjects are very well taught. This is important; we hope that some of our children will go on to become historians, geographers, artists ... . The themes and subjects are covered in blocks of time; our children may spend whole days engaged in art work , whole days writing ... , everything gets finished and is well presented in a ‘learning journey’ log – a new one for each journey. Visits ‘out ‘and visitors ‘in’ support and enrich the learning.

Reading at Christ Church Primary School

Literacy is at the heart of all that we do; every lesson at Christ Church Primary School is a literacy lesson!

Reading skills are taught and practised throughout the curriculum in every subject area through well planned shared and guided reading activities with all children expected to tackle a range of texts at age expected levels of challenge and above.

Read what our children say about the learning:

  • "We cherish our learning" - Ashley
  • "We think of our school as a whole team" - Libby
  • "Our learning journeys are challenging, fun and exciting" - Liam
  • "Our learning journeys are full of exciting information. We build our learning power every day" - Charlie
  • "We know our next steps for learning" - Isobel
  • "Learning lets us all achieve lots" - Rohan
  • "Learning journey links to a book - it is challenging and exciting" - Elizabeth
  • "Learning is our business" - Hannah

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