Living and Learning

We plan and teach in ways that prepare our children for the future. We build learning power! A key focus for our work is empowering children to become effective learners. We place great emphasis on creating the best possible learning environment for our children and in making sure our staff know a great deal about how children learn.

We are proud of what our children achieve - those who are academically talented and those who need support.

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  • Children in the Library
  • Parents Focus Group
  • Lunch Time!
  • Playing in the Snow

Living and Learning

Every day we come to this, our special place, to live and learn together. We are a team, the Christ Church team: getting along together, looking out for each other, keeping safe together. These things really matter to us.

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

To achieve our aims, our vision for the learning community of Christ Church Primary School, we need to create a welcoming, happy, caring atmosphere with high expectations, so that our children can grow and learn well.

Everyone in the school community has a part to play in achieving this. We all have a shared responsibility to provide the very best learning environment for our children and so we have a set of principles that apply to everyone.

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Learning Policy

Pupils and Teacher in Class Children with Puppets

Here is a really important policy - it is ‘Our Policy for Learning’. Our ultimate aim is to be a community of enquiry where we all learn from each other, with each other, on behalf of each other.

Our ultimate outcome – children and adults who are life long, powerful learners. We acknowledge the essential purpose of education to be learning – learning to create, to solve problems, think critically, learn and unlearn, to care about others and the environment.

At Christ Church we keep our eyes firmly fixed on this purpose. And it is our job to create the right kind of learning environment for this purpose.

'Since we cannot know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead we should try to turn out young people who love learning so much, and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned.'

(John Holt)

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School Newsletter

Newsletters are sent out to parents approximately every two weeks (sometimes weekly if we have more to say!)

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