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Learning Journey

Every four weeks our children begin a new 'learning journey'. Every 'learning journey' begins with a wonderful book. These books are carefully chosen to engage and motivate, to inspire and challenge; to widen horizons and bring experiences to our children that they would not otherwise have. Through each book we seek to feed children's imagination and open up a treasure -house of wonder and joy for their curious young minds. As children are introduced to the 'music' of each rich text, they learn to love words and language and develop cognitively, socially and linguistically.


The 'learning journey' books give pupils opportunity to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. They showcase our rich and varied literary heritage and cover a wide range of authors, genres, periods in which they are written and set and social contexts.


Once the daily maths and timetabled basic skills lessons are finished, 'learning journey' time begins and flows through much of the day. Carefully and thoughtfully planned learning sequences ensure continuity and progression so that all subjects are very well taught. This is important; we hope that some of our children will go on to become historians, geographers, artists, designers, engineers......The themes and subjects are covered in blocks of time; our children may spend whole days engaged in art work, whole days writing..... everything is completed to the highest standard and is well presented in a 'learning journey' log - a new one for each journey.


We plan a variety of visits 'out' and invite visitors 'in' to support and enrich learning experiences for all year groups.